Whether helping spark habit change for clients, or doing design for health professionals, here’s what people have to say about working with Brandie.

As Brandie, friendly, gently, and encouragingly, took me through each question about my health and goals in life, her questions helped solidify some revelations I’ve discovered about myself and my health. I loved how her questions were not just about my physical health and weight, but the holistic person. Everything is truly connected and if we are to change anything about ourselves, we have to face every aspect. Thank you Brandie! 

Joannah L.

Brandie’s approach is gentle and inviting. I felt supported as I was talking about my goals and what stands in my way. I feel a renewed sense of grace towards myself and the person that I want to be as a result of working with Brandie. She helped me to look at myself in a non-judgmental way and set small goals on my journey towards health. She provided good information that is allowing me to move forward!

Valerie F.

Brandie did an amazing job with health coaching!  She was consistently committed to me and my health program. I was able to be honest with her and myself without fear of judgment. I learned so much about how my habits impact me in all areas of my life and the importance of taking care of those areas.  This program helped me to take what I most desired in my heart and out of life and focus on that. This in turn taught me to give less weight to the less important things and freed up more energy for what I really long for. Each session was like peeling another layer of misguided thinking that developed over my life and Brandie helped give me the tools to replace that untruth with a more accurate and true reality. 

– Carly S.

I found Brandie to be delightful to work with while she created my logo.  She took my generalized ideas and created exactly what I needed! My new logo projects the brand I’m striving to solidify.  I’m grateful for having utilized Brandie and her expertise.  

– Jess H.