Are You a Health Coach?

Marketing and Design Services for Health Coaches

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Starting a health coaching business can be difficult, especially when:

  1. You don’t really know what you need to promote yourself, and….
  2. You are already over-spending on marketing your business!

When you’re starting a business, not only do you have to clear your own clutter and get organized, but you also have to bring in new business and coach with confidence.

But then there’s that little thing called marketing your health coaching business.

Too often health coaches are worried about their logos, taglines, social media pages, websites, and more… And while they’re worried about all of these things, they waste valuable time and money by not doing what they do best – COACHING! Remember that marketing isn’t necessary for every coach. Many coaches are successful without all the fancy websites and branding. However, if you feel called to utilize online and print marketing to further grow your income and promote your services as a health coach, then I would love to work with you on marketing your health coaching business.

Before I became a health coach, I was a full-time Graphic Designer. It was my job to design logos, create and extend brands, create branded social media media pages, email newsletter templates, print marketing collateral, set up websites and blogs, and more!

After over seven years of marketing experience, I’ve now dedicated myself to using my graphic design skill set to helping other health coaches start marketing their businesses, in a way where they can easily manage things going forward as they work with me. One of the great things about working with me is that I am also a health coach! So I understand what coaches like you need on a deeper level, as I do graphic design for health coaches.

If you are interested in my design services for health coaches or my marketing services for health coaches, feel free to contact me today.

I look forward to showing you some of my previous work, and helping you with marketing and design for your health coaching business!


Brandie Nicole